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How to Join

This process has several steps because there are legal implications to participating in a W3C community group, especially if you are representing a W3C member organization. (See list of W3C member organizations.)

A. If you are not employed by a W3C Member

  1. Go to W3C's page about the group
  2. Click the button, "JOIN OR LEAVE THIS GROUP". Depending on your screen width, it might be down near the bottom, after all the blog posts.
  3. Follow the instructions. This will involve requesting a W3C account if you do not already have one.

B. If you are employed by a W3C Member

  1. Decide if you'll be representing your organization or just yourself. If the work of the group is related to your employer's business, then you should probably be representing them.
  2. If you're just representing yourself, then use a non-work email address to make a non-work W3C account, then follow the (part A) instructions above.
  3. If you'll be representing your organization, you'll need approval from your organization's W3C representative. Begin the the above (part A) instructions. After a few steps, you should hit a point where the system says your representative will be contacted for approval. Some reps respond more quickly than others; you may want to contact them directly. Hopefully you can see this access-controlled list of representatives ("ac reps") to find out who yours is.

If this isn't working, please contact Scott Yates (scott@journallist.net) or Sandro Hawke (sandro@hawke.org).