Proposal: Make it clear who is behind each item of web content

Some Issues and Possible Answers (from MisinfoCon DC breakout)

  1. Legitimately anonymous journalists/publishers
    • Answer? Pseudonyms with trusted certifier
  2. Shell Company Ownership/Secret proxies
    • Use banking model of understanding money transfers (know your customer regs)
    • Have some trusted figures in organization
  3. Reputation might not really help, people maybe don’t care
    • Maybe accountability does, if rep doesn’t
  4. Legit publishers can be tainted by slight connections
    • Include explanatory statements, explain editorial controls, mitigate influence
  5. This doesn’t turn into a 1-bit answer for platforms
    • The 1-bit is to motivate compliance, and then some people will look under the hood; like nutrition labels
  6. Pop-up / hit-and-run sites
    • Waiting period
  7. Do bloggers and knitting magazines have to live up to this?
    • Have categories, with different levels of expense & security
  8. This might be a throwback to the world of “gatekeepers”
    • Maybe we have even stronger gatekeepers now (platforms); with standards it would be an open process/multistakeholder
  9. This might exclude legit publishers
  10. Every approved source looks the same, making it hard for humans to distinguish