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Agenda: Credible Web CG (23 May 2018 1705 UTC)

See how (and when) to connect

  1. Admin
    1. Chair: Sandro Hawke
    2. Scribe: (next in semi-random rotation), instructions at scribing
    3. Approval of minutes: 9 May
  2. Intros
  3. Calendar
    1. Announcements about upcoming events (see related events)
    2. F2F planning: UPDATED poll
  4. Event Reports
    1. Report from W3C Advisory Committee Meeting last week (slides)
    2. Report from Rights Con
    3. Report from JTI
  5. Intro to today's topic (Area 2: Corroboration)
    • ClaimReview has been successfully deployed, showing how web data sharing can help with credibility. What more might be done in the "Corroboration" space, working with claims and fact-checking? Are there parts that could be completed in the next few months?
  6. What is (post hoc) fact-checking, as a profession
  7. How can we help professional fact checkers (via web data interop)
    1. help them figure out what to check
    2. help them perform the checking
    3. help them spread the results (cf ClaimReview)
      • connecting related claims
      • when to display
      • how to display
    4. manage reputation, which FCs to trust
  8. Can this tech be usefully extended beyond Professional Fact-Checkers?
  9. Short term (3-6mo) goals and next steps