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Agenda: "Inspection" Subgroup of Credible Web CG (04 June 2018 1605 UTC)

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  1. Admin
    1. Chair: Sandro Hawke
    2. Scribe: (next in semi-random rotation), instructions at scribing
    3. Approval of minutes: none (first meeting of sub-group)
  2. Intros
  3. Brief summary of WebConf paper
  4. What makes a good indicator?
    1. Measurability (inter-rater reliability, speed, minimal training)
    2. Accuracy (connection to expert consensus)
    3. Security (resistance to gaming, risks)
  5. Subject area
    1. Begin with Science Reporting
  6. Promising indicators
    1. Emotionally charged tone
    2. Clickbait Headline
    3. Accuracy of Representation of source article
    4. Aggressive Advertisements or Social Shares
  7. Next steps
    1. Continue this analysis in smaller groups