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Agenda: "Inspection" Subgroup of Credible Web CG (04 June 2018 1605 UTC)

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  1. Admin
    1. Chair: An Xiao Mina
    2. Scribe: (next in semi-random rotation), instructions at scribing
    3. Approval of minutes: 4 June
  2. Intros if necessary
  3. Review: What makes a good indicator?
    1. Measurability (inter-rater reliability, speed, minimal training)
    2. Accuracy (connection to expert consensus)
    3. Security (resistance to gaming, risks)
  4. Review: Subject area limitation
    1. Begin with Science Reporting
  5. Promising indicators from https://credweb.org/cciv/r/1
    • specific focus on advertising and revenue model-related indicators, assessing what makes them promising (and if we agree), with an eye toward how CredCo should do the next round of the study.
  6. Next steps