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Agenda: Credible Web CG (27 June 2018 1705 UTC)

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  1. Admin
    1. Chair: Sandro Hawke
    2. Consider: recording meetings for later scribing and/or release
    3. Scribe: (next in semi-random rotation), instructions at scribing
    4. Approval of minutes (not prepared)
    5. Agenda topics for today
  2. Intros if requested
  3. Event Reports
    1. #GlobalFactV Global Fact V (IFCN Summit)
  4. Calendar
    1. July F2F meeting in San Francisco Register/Regrets
    2. CG+SubGroup Meetings in upcoming weeks
    3. Consider Misinfocon DC, Aug 6-7. Interesting overlap with AEJMC
    4. October F2F at TPAC
    5. ...? (see related events)
  5. Charter Progress
    • Maybe not ready for WG style
  6. idea: "Do No Harm", Safety Review Board
  7. idea: (in Area 3 : Reputation)
    • What (template) statements would you be willing to make about organizations (etc) that might influence credibility?
  8. Other Topics