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Minutes: Credible Web CG (13 June 2018)


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  2. Events, Info Disorder conf
  3. Events, Story Science, Univ of Florida
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  6. July F2F planning
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  1. RESOLVED: approve minutes of 30 may


# [Sandro Hawke] https://credweb.org/agenda/20180613.html

# [Sandro Hawke] +1

# [Sandro Hawke] RESOLVED: approve minutes of 30 may

Events, I Annotate

# Ed Bice says: that Jonathan Stray, who was on the journo panel, is a strong ally.

# Ed Bice says: slides from his flash talk (on our work, and CredCo's) will be available.

Events, Info Disorder conf

# [An Xiao Mina] This was a nice summary posted publicly by an attendee: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GcKAzgcF7ESYaeoFGZhBnK7Nbj0jvDoKcs22zUieq1k/edit

# Sandro Hawke says: a rapid response mechanism was discussed

# Sandro Hawke says: he went to a workshop on deep fakes (e.g. video), we fall back to provenance as only solution, but losing anonymity is a tradeoff

Events, Story Science, Univ of Florida

# [An Xiao Mina] And here's info about MisinfoCon DC, which I mentioned as potentially of interest to this community: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/misinfocon-dc-a-policy-summit-on-misinformation-registration-46774656256

# Sandro Hawke says: there were also psychologists weighing in on how to rebuild trust

# Sandro Hawke says: when there's a really big brand, CNN or NYT, it's gonna break your trust from time to time, smaller brands probably can be more trustworthy over time, just a hunch, maybe some way to test that

Events, Misinfocon in Kiev

# Scott Yates says: while there, the Arkady [surname?] kerfuffle happened

# Scott Yates says: https://ethicaljournalismnetwork.org/rsf-trust-initiative will take a while, but will provide a strong trust signal

# Scott Yates says: that will not be a certifying body, only a standards body, certification will have to happen otherwise


# [Ed Bice] +1 to that Sandro - pushing against credentialing bodies

# [Scott Yates] Arkady Babchenko https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/01/world/europe/ukraine-arkady-babchenko.html

# [Jon Udell] (I'll be on vacation next Weds.)

# Sandro Hawke says: Misinfocon (in August) open for registration, it's in DC

# [An Xiao Mina] Also: MisinfoCon Research into Action on July 9 in NYC -- if you are a researcher interested in this, please let me know. we won't have as much of a public facing event listing, as it will be a smaller event.

# Sandro Hawke says: AEJMC overlaps in DC, possible cross-pollination?

# [Jon Udell] http://www.aejmc.org/

# [Ed Summers] *Re: "" -- quote @Ed Summers : I gave a lightning talk *

# [Ed Bice] I have to jump off - thx all.

# Sandro Hawke says: Jane Elizabeth (American Press Institute, https://www.americanpressinstitute.org/) is a point of contact. (@Jon Udell is in touch with her as well.)

# Sandro Hawke says: , re: July F2F, awaiting confirmation of hosting offers (Facebook, AirBnB)

# sam boyer says: (re: a possible hackathon), works best when tighty focused. Some aspects of what we do qualify, others not.

# Sandro Hawke says: "What's the most hackathon-ready opportunity?"

July F2F planning

# David Karger says: , re: a hackathon, is it maybe a design exercise more than a coding exercise

# sam boyer says: doing that around viewing reputation or claim review sounds interesting

# Reto Gmür says: we need to do more planning / standardization first

# Jon Udell says: useful exercise to document how claimreview is used in practice, and how it's so shoddy, document its failings -- missing target URLs, various pathologies

# David Karger says: a useful design exercise: illustrate how we want our feeds to convey credibility signals

# An Xiao Mina says: we use the analogy of nutrition labels, makes you think, we list carbohydrates, do people know what means?

# David Karger says: nutrition labels are one of many approaches to evaluate in a design exercise

# Sandro Hawke says: , would be nice if there were existing datasets so some folks could do paper design, others make prototypes driven by real data

# sam boyer says: need to provide prompts, some raw material to work from

# sam boyer says: , having a set of worked-through design concepts seems valuable


# [Jon Udell] Mainly for the benefit of @Ting Cai who's new to the meeting.

# [Sandro Hawke] Attending July 26-27

# [Sandro Hawke] +1 Ting

# [Sandro Hawke] +1 Reto

# Sandro Hawke says: , w/respect to F2F, fine to talk about long-term vision but let's do something that delivers near-term value.

# Reto Gmür says: that in the reputation/transparency realm, there aren't the same near-term opportunities as w/respect to inspection and fact--checking/claim review

# Scott Yates says: whether/how to divide into subgroups depends on whether they'll have critical mass, which is unclear at the moment

# Scott Yates says: , accordingly, we may need to evangelize this group

# Sandro Hawke says: the inspection subgroup, chaired by @An Xiao Mina, went well the past 2 weeks.

Inspection subgroup

# An Xiao Mina says: we dove into related indicators, initial study looked at "aggressive" calls to action for social sharing, how do we define "aggressive"?

# ... also looking at whether a domain has ads.txt

# ...also looking at emotional language, emotionally-charged tone

# [Jon Udell] https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt/

# [Sandro Hawke] http://www.nytimes.com/ads.txt fascinating

# Scott Yates says: ads.txt is a system to verify which platforms a publisher is using to monetize, disreputable publishers don't have an ads.txt because .. ? .. kind of unclear

# [Sandro Hawke] http://www.cnn.com/ads.txt pretty big!

# [Scott Yates] https://iabtechlab.com/ads.txt/

# [Scott Yates] Check this one out! https://www.9news.com/ads.txt (this is the NBC affiliate in Denver)

# [Jon Udell] *Comparing http://www.nytimes.com/ads.txt and https://www.washingtonpost.com/ads.txt I find:

appnexus.com, 3661, DIRECT


appnexus.com, 7466, DIRECT

This suggest to me that participating publishers are declaring the identifiers they use to represent themselves in various adtech networks.*