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Minutes: Credible Web CG (18 July 2018)




# [Sandro Hawke] https://credweb.org/agenda/20180718.html

# [Sandro Hawke] just fixed a few broken relative links in the agenda

# [Reto Gmür] I'm sorry that I can't be present today

# [Annette Greiner] scribe @Annette Greiner

# Sandro Hawke says: he is still working on scribing minutes from previous meeting

# .. has anyone looked over the area 1 meetings? no

# .. we'll skip that for now.

# .. icebreaker question: what's a good kind of food to have after an all-day meeting?

# [An Xiao Mina] we could also cater to the Meedan/Runway office

# Davide Ceolin says: anything!

# [Annette Greiner] ACTION: @An Xiao Mina to try and make a reservation at the ethiopian place.

# Sandro Hawke says: we may want to switch off of Zulip.

# .. blog post about the thing we reported on the last Monday in NY, nothing in the past week. UPcoming, we have the F2F in SF. What meetings should we have next week? Not Mon or Wed.

# .. the 30th is a question, info con is after that, the 8th we can probably do at 1:00.

# .. coin flip: we will meet on the 30th!

# .. Google calendar is now updated.

# .. HMC overlap, they've offered to give out memberships to infocon attendees. Contact Sandro.

# .. October f2F at TPAC, we are shown as on Friday, but will probably move to Monday or Tuesday. (Accommodating Dan Brickley)

# .. An and I put together an agenda for the F2F.

# .. goals: for each area, try to move it forward. Can be moving a document forward, maybe a loose outline. I will try to make placeholders in advance. When there is something we'll have to decide about the topic, writing it up is a good way to have tangible progress. Another thing is identifying stakeholders, or who in the group is interested in working on it. It's ideal to identify an editor for that space.

# .. what actual software has someone built? or what if you had an app that did this? identifying existing features is tangible progress.

# .. schedule: morning of first day is more about identifying scope.

# .. second session focused on science. It's a special case of the issue of trust.

# .. talk through our topic areas in the domain of science.

# [Owen Ambur] Center for Open Science: https://cos.io/

# [Owen Ambur] COS's plan in StratML format: http://stratml.us/carmel/iso/part2/COS2017wStyle.xml

# Sandro Hawke says: Aviv wanted to switch one and two, that's fine. An and Abib will give opening presentations, for claim review Dan Brickley, Chris Guest, Vinnie Green, John. We have definite maybe from Google (Simon Baumgardner) and someone else from Facebook.

# .. end the day with little planning for next day, or just break.

# .. day 2 reputation connects to the science discussion.

# [Annette Greiner] second block in breakouts for deeper work. Then we come back to transparency. Olaf from Journalism Trust Initiative is likely to be there. Sally Lehrman says she can call in.

# .. one empty slot where we can do more breakouts or whatever, flexible time.

# .. everyone looks happy with this...?

# .. the front line should be internal managers. problem in most federal agencies.

# [Annette Greiner] crickets