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Agenda: Credible Web CG Face-to-Face Meeting (26-27 July 2018)

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In general, move us closer to data interchange vocabularies (schema) which can significantly help with credibility assessment for the Web, resulting in greater global trust in trustworthy content and institutions.

Specifically, for each project area (1-inspection, 2-corroboration, 3-reputation, 4-transparency), we'd like to produce:


Registration has moved to a wiki page, which group members can edit: https://www.w3.org/community/credibility/wiki/F2F2_People. This includes guests. Please feel free to add affiliation, relevant links, and expected timing. For reference, the old register/regrets form.

Non-members are strongly encouraged to join the group and use the above wiki page. If there is an obstacle to joining, please contact team-credweb-chairs@w3.org about attending as a guest.

In-person registration is expected to be capped at 25.


The meeting will be held in Meedan's co-working space (runway), in Suite 488 at 1355 Market, San Francisco.

The site is a short walk from the BART Civic Center station, making it easily accessible from anywhere on the system. Driving is a challenge, especially from the East Bay.


For a general summary of the scope of the group, see slides for the W3C Advisory Committee.

Major topic areas expected for this meeting:

Areas 1 and 2 are likely to receive the most time at the meeting, and will run in parallel tracks for part of the time.

On The Record

As usual for W3C, the default for the meeting is that everything said during meeting sessions is public but we understand things sometimes come out wrong, so we let people amend the record before the meeting minutes are approved. It's fine, and often necessary, to share incomplete and in-progress thoughts.

Each session will have a "scribe" taking notes in the Zulip chat (we'll take turns). We will also have Zoom recording turned on, capturing audio and low-quality video, but Sandro will keep the recordings confidential until/unless he gets permission from everyone appearing in a segment. This is mostly for scribe assist, but if a particular segment turns out to be something we later want to release, we can discuss it.

If you want to say something Off The Record, please say so and wait for confirmation from the Chair and Scribe. We can have an off-the-record discussion for a period, and then go back On The Record.

There is also an off-the-record Zulip chat stream for typing things not intented for the public. Of course, with 50+ people, it's not high security.

Collaboration Tools

We use Zoom for remote video and audio: https://zoom.us/j/988170706. Remote folks, please be on camera if you can, and stay muted when you're active in a discussion. For phone dialin info see how to connect.

For scribing and general chat we use Zulip an open-data/open-source full-featured chat system. Group members and guests should have received an invitation. If you haven't, please email team-credweb-chairs@w3.org.

For issue tracking and most public documents, we use github, eg https://github.com/w3c/credweb. (More repos expected soon.)

For a few public documents we use a wiki, only writable by group members: https://www.w3.org/community/credibility/wiki/

For real-time group writing, we sometimes use Google Docs. Any long-term content should be migrated to github. Making documents "Anyone with link can edit" during the course of the meeting should be fine, then put the shareable link in zulip chat.


Schedule in the usual google calendar (which should show in your preferred timezone) and here:

Day 1 (Thursday)

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Folks registered to attend in person are encouraged to join us at 7pm for dinner at Limón Rotisserie @ 1001 S Van Ness. Note they have multiple SF locations.

Day 2 (Friday)

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