Minutes: Credible Web CG (11 July 2018)


  1. Brainstorming for F2F meeting



# [Sandro Hawke] Agenda

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] Present +

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] I also have no issues with meetings being recorded

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] and yes the background noise in my audio track is snoring (not mine) these meetings are at 0300 for me. I am UTC +10 time zone wise.

# [An Xiao Mina] Here's the report I mentioned: Information Disorder: The Definitional Toolbox: Has useful frameworks for us.

# [An Xiao Mina]

# Sandro Hawke says: not sure "info disorder" is an apt term for the problem, @An Xiao Mina agrees

# [Jon Udell] Poverty is mentioned as a wicked problem, but as @Owen Ambur notes, we've actually made a ton of progress on that front.

# [An Xiao Mina] [working title] Misinfomap:

# Sandro Hawke says: (shared screen of above link): The idea is that there are 2 dimensions useful for clustering. Between theory/practice (knowing/doing), and between medium/message (infrastructure/content)

# Sandro Hawke says: Media Cloud (for example) fits into upper-left (theory/content).

# David Karger says: : On the theory/practice axis, where do you put an experimental intervention?

# [Reto Gmür] there's such a lot of noise

# [Sandro Hawke] Research - Practice , or Theory - Application

# [Sandro Hawke] (from @David Karger

# Ed Bice says: the Mexican election monitoring is upper right: practical, content-oriented.

# Ed Bice says: : Trust Project is also practical, less content-oriented.

# Jon Udell says: : Hypothesis, infrastructure/practice

# [Jon Udell] Chris Guess says: Duke Reporter's lab, Share the Facts is mostly infrastructure, towards theory, Scraping for Fact Checking more content-oriented.

# [An Xiao Mina] the content <> infrastructure spectrum is a rough way we were trying to reference "the stack"

# [Jon Udell] Chris Guess says: NLP, claim matching are more on the theoretical side.

# [Reto Gmür] *The Discourse Elements Ontology:

The SWAN Scientific Discourse Ontology:*

# Reto Gmür says: SWAN (above) skews toward theory/infrastructure

# [Annette Greiner] maybe the medium is the message?

# Sandro Hawke says: Facebook's feed algorithm would be at the bottom of the vertical (content/infrastructure) axis

# [An Xiao Mina] some comments from cheryl in the zoom chat: Axm that scatter graph makes better sense to me (strung together) you can always overlay other quadrant scatter graphs for different sectors/Actors

# Sandro Hawke says: social science top left, computer science bottom left

# Sandro Hawke says: media literacy education lands in the top right quadrant

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] I think it will be useful do 8

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] so 8

# [Reto Gmür] 7

# [Annette Greiner] 7

# [Sandro Hawke] 8

# [Davide Ceolin] 8

# Cheryl Langdon-Orr says: : There's benefit here, but we'll want overlays as well, maybe venn diagrams.

# [Owen Ambur] 5

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] Active and Passive Opportunities useful but different purpose

Brainstorming for F2F meeting

# Annette Greiner says: the motivating problem for me, working in science, there's a ton of scientific misinfo, are there things we can do to help people recognize when they're being fed false science and dichotomies?

# Annette Greiner says: : Scientists tend to use weasel words to avoid overstating a case, which muddies the waters.

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] Can we make sure that the Agenda for the F2F is tight on the times for topics to start so that ay of us only remote participating can make sure we get into the right bits at the right times... e.g. as a (by Degree last Century) Scientist this topic peaks my specific interest :-)

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] Science and Pseudo Science reporting

# Sandro Hawke says: we might want to plan a session on science and science reporting

# Sandro Hawke says: , re: ClaimReview, Chris Guess (Duke Reporters Lab) and Vinny Green (Snopes) will attend.

# [Owen Ambur] The Department of Commerce is requesting comments on a governmentwide strategy for leveraging data as a strategic asset. The RFC is available in StratML format at Comments are due by July 27.

# [An Xiao Mina] reminder to folks to sign up for MisinfoCon DC if you're interested - theyre nearly sold out and still taking requests this week i think

# [Cheryl Langdon-Orr] Bye for now...

# [An Xiao Mina] *Re: "" -- quote reminder to folks to sign up for MisinfoCon DC if you're interested - theyre nearly sold out and still taking requests this week i think *